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        NPC Standing Committee, deputy director of the NPC education


              In afternoon of April 1st, deputy director of the NPC education, science, culture and public health committee, vice chairman of public interest party Mr Yixin inspect our company, accompanied by secretary of the high-tech Development Zone Mr Zhang Jianhua and persons in charge of high-tech district office, bureau of science and technology, bio medicine valley.

               Chairman Yan visited Norman's R & D center with interest, the president and R & D department manager introduced the research and development process in detail to chairman Yan. Norman’s abundant R&D ability and rigorous, dedicated spirit was high recognized and praised by  chairman Yan and other leaders of high-tech Development Zone.


               Chairman yan showed high interest in our new upcoming automated chemical luminescence analyzer, hopes us to bring this product to market as soon as possible, provide convenient and quick detection for more patients and independently research and development more and better products, realize the China manufacture 2025


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